Friday, 17 January 2014

Cats, Cats, Cats and Ankles

I am so sorry about not writing for a while, I have been so busy. Rose sprained her ankle last week and we have been rushing around looking after her, she is a bit better now though.

Well I don't know quite how I got to into this, but I have promised to get Jane and Rose a cat. They have been begging me for ages to get them one, but I never said yes.

So yes, I am having to go cat shopping, I hope I can find a good one that isn't too bad behaved.

I remember that my husband had a cat when he was little. He was a moggy. All grey and fluffy. He really loved him.

I hope the kids look after the cat I am going to buy them like my husband looked after Rook!


P.S thanks for the blog suggestions Sue!


  1. Mary,

    I'm sorry to hear about Rose's ankle. I wonder how she hurt it. Imogen injured her ankle a couple of months ago while she was ice skating and it has taken a long time to heal. I hope Rose is soon back on her feet.

    oooh! A cat! We have three cats. The girls love them. They live inside and are really a big part of our lives. They all have long hair which is rather inconvenient because they shed it everywhere. At the moment it is very hot and the cats look like they want to unzip their fur coats and take them off!

    I hope you'll post a photo of your cat when you find the right one.

    1. Sue,
      She was playing in the garden and fell out of the tree. I hope Imogen is ok. Rose is back on her feet, but a bit ginger.
      Really? I don't think I could cope with three cats. Haha! Take off their coats.
      I will.