Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Time

At the moment the house is full of noise and excitement. Christmas is almost here.

Music blares out of the CD player all day long. Rose is helping Jane with Christmas crafts, they are making a huge mess.

My husband is humming his way around the house and is singing Christmas carols in the car. Everyone is ready and impatient.

Me? I'm buying food, getting clothes ready and making sure that there are beds for everyone in the family who is coming to visit.

My children have each written their own Christmas blog post, Rose's is HERE and Jane's is HERE. Please read them.

Merry Christmas everyone and may the next year be wonderful!


P.S I know this is childish but I just have to boast. I HAVE FIVE POSTS!!!


  1. Mary,

    I can just imagine the excitement at your house! Yes, Christmas is nearly here.

    I thought I was just about ready, and then I decided to sew a Christmas dress for Sophie. I have been sitting at the sewing machine for hours but it is nearly finished. Sophie is so excited to be getting a new dress. Do you sew for your girls?

    Five posts? That's something worth shouting about. I hope there will be many more!

  2. Sue,
    Thanks. It is so noisy. Rose is making ginger dread and Jane is wrapping presents at the moment.

    A dress? I remember the dresses my mum made! They were so special. Mum made me one for my first holy communion. I loved it so much.

    I do sew, but I am not that good at it. I many sew toys, not clothes.

    Thanks Sue. I hope so too.